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About Tax Reporting Cube – Tax Pack Distribution Centre

The tax reporting process, although owned by the tax department, is more closely aligned with the finance process. This introduces a number of challenges and opportunities which are not consistent with the tax compliance process. Unlike the tax compliance process, the tax provision needs to be materially correct and must be derived in an extremely time sensitive environment.

Based on our experience, the common challenges faced by tax departments are:

  • Extensive use of manual uncontrolled spreadsheets, often requiring time-consuming manual consolidation.
  • Dependence on a few key individuals, with concerns over the adequacy of knowledge transfer.
  • Data sourced from a number of accounting ERP systems in various formats and with varying degrees of usability for tax reporting purposes.
  • Increasing business complexity can render existing approaches not fit for purpose.
  • Tight reporting timetables, with most effort spent on mechanical completion of calculations, rather than the analysis of the results.
  • Scrutiny of the process by auditors and regulators resulting in an increase burden for detail and transparency.

How KPMG can help

KPMG has applied its knowledge and experience of the tax reporting process into designing a cost-effective and efficient tax reporting tool – the Tax Reporting Cube (“TR Cube”). The tool is suitable for use by businesses ranging from UK-based operations to large multi-national groups.

It has been designed by tax professionals specifically to address the need for an efficient and reliable tax reporting process. TR Cube provides functionality dealing with entity level provisioning, consolidation reports, journalising accounting entries, and workflow to manage and control the process.

Furthermore, we recognise that having a successful tax reporting process is about much more than the software being used. We therefore tailor make our approach for each different project to ensure that we are able to identify the right mix of work requirements, process and software.

Tax Pack Distribution Centre

The Tax Pack Distribution Centre is a KPMG maintained website that enables users to download and upload tax packs as determined by Group Tax. Help documents are available on the website, and any further questions should be referred to your central tax team.